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Is a free software program which you can download NZB files that derived from newsgroups.
Where are you using Grabit for:

- You can search for newsgroups without getting your shit inside.
- Grabit automatically extracts the files obtained from others website or programs and makes them a whole 100% file.
- SSL support to protect your download traffic
- Easy to use
- Everyone in the family can work with this program
- Download multiple downloads at once (queue)

As you can see Grabit is one of the easiest usenet content downloads. You can download from usenet easy and fast without getting to much MB's at first. Grabit works very good with the program Spotnet. On Spotnet are the files you like to download, and these downloads will automatically inserted in Grabit. Then Grabit will download these fils, unpack them, and combine them to a working file. You do not always have to use Grabit in Spotnet, but when you need it you better can download it!

And yes it is a very good program, is does with it had to do! But... think about the music articts and the people that make movies. Give them money, so we like to send you to the programs Spotify or Deezer! Good luck mate!

Wat wij wel aan raden is het gebruik van een muziek stream zoals Spotify of Deezer. Daar kan je tegen een gereduceerd tarief bijna alle muziek ter wereld vinden en beluisteren. 

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