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Is a big and known program around the world that make use of Torrents. But what is a torrent actually?
A Bittorent is a computer system to exchange data with pear-to-pear. A pear-to-pear network is a computer network where the connected com puters are all equivalent. This system makes use of a central place (they call it the tracker) that coordinate all the downloads but not deliver the download himself. So you understand it or not? To say it in an easy way: The uploading and downoading of a torrent is the exchange of little file pieces between different users of that system. So if you have a music nume with the name free music downloads then other users can take part of your file and combine all those pieces to 1 full file. If you have a lot of files on your computer, then a lot os users are downloading the file from your computer. You can share every file you want with Frostwire but keep in mind that download or uploading music, games, software and more is illegal!

Open source

Frostwire make use of an open source, that means that other programmers can help with updating and building Frowstwire better and better. Why? Because all of this programers likes to make it better, so you will get a lot of good updates and a nice program.

Is frostwire safe or not?

A torrent stays a torrent, and free stays free. So the chance that there ia a virus in a download is bigger then downloading something with Spotnet as an example.

This is what Frostwire is saying?

To be the best Free Open Source BitTorrent filesharing client that proves the many legitimate uses of filesharing technologies by supporting all the content creators willing to distribute their works for freeunder Creative Commons (or similar licensing models) to the BitTorrent network. 

Legal or not Legal?

Downloading music, movies, games, software and more is 100% illegal! So if you want to download keep in mind that what you are doing is not ok! We at free music download give you only information about how this software works. Free music downloads is not responsible for your own actions.

We like to recommed you to take a subscription fo Spotify or Deezer.

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