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(Comes from the animal "Mule")

Is just like Bearshare and Ares a pear to pear download program. A pear-to-pear network is a computer network where the connected computers are all equivalent. Emulie is a solid software program whom you can download for free music, movies and lot more. Emule is easy to download and install. If you have installed Emule they ask you to invent a pseudonym. When you finished it they give you a special weblink that you must accept by clicking on the ED2K button. If this button become grey then Emule is already associated. They also give you the tip to read a further explanation for the connection menu.This is readable when you have installed Emule.

How Emule arised?

someone called Merkur was very disappointed in the eDonkey2000 program, Merkur happened to be a programmer, and then went to work to create a better programm then eDonkey2000. He evented this on an evening of May 13, 2002 and there was so thorough that he all programmer around him gathered to Emule to make the best download software there is. This he wanted to do with a lot of improvements and additions to their code. But what was a great idea, has become a great success! Because Emule is an open-source concept, that means that other programmers can add their additions to the code so that the program will be even better.

The appearance of Emule

You know quite well, that boring program always so gray and boring? Emule has a solution for that because you can change the appearance by downloading a template. (A special and unique design) for the chance of the appearance of the program

Is the software frequently updated?

Yes it is! Around the 1 and 3 weeks a new update appears. This in contrast to other download programs is a lot. This amount also give you the feeling that they will do everything for it to send the best content to your computer.

Some final words

Emule is a wonderful software program that is always in development to make it the user easy. It is reliable, and since 2002 on the download market. So try Emule, you will not regret it.

Legal or not Legal?

Downloading music, movies, games, software and more is 100% illegal! So if you want to download keep in mind that what you are doing is not ok! We at free music download give you only information about how this software works. Free music downloads is not responsible for your own actions.

We like to recommed you to take a subscription fo Spotify or Deezer.

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