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Is a known software program where a lot of people make use of. With the slogan of Bearshare "The Power Of Sharing" you immediately know what they are doing. Bearshare is a pear-to-pear program where you can share your files with. A pear-to-pear network is a computer network where the connected computers are all equivalent.
With bearshare you can not download games and software. They also see that they have more then 20 million music songs and HD movies. That means that your can enjoy music and movies for the rest of your live on Bearshare! Sounds to good te be true! Bearshare also replaced the software Limewire, the limewire users can stiil make use of the program with Bearshare.

The users

on Bearshare you can come in contact with outher users. You can make a profile and watch the profile of other people. That can be very helpfull to discover new music and movies. On your profile you can put a picture and make a favorite list of your personel music songs. You can even see wo have the same profile options as you, so it is almost a dating website ;) and maybe you find the love of your life with the same music flavour.


Is it very simple to download, even your own grandma can do this! It is an user friendly download program where you can easily navigate to your search critera. By means of pear-to-pear files are download from everybody his computer to get the file faster in your computer.

How does Bearshare doing it on other devices?

BearShare is compatible with Apple products and other mp3 players. This sounds great, or not? In this way you always have your favorite music with you. So what you can do is, take your tablet to the forrest, take some food and listen to your favorite songs. this is absolutely fantastic!

Virus, what do Bearshare have that?

Who is't afraid of a virus? Bearshare is doing everything they can do reduce receiving a virus. that i also the reason they only provide music and movies.

Legal or not Legal?

Downloading music, movies, games, software and more is 100% illegal! So if you want to download keep in mind that what you are doing is not ok! We at free music download give you only information about how this software works. Free music downloads is not responsible for your own actions.

We like to recommed you to take a subscription fo Spotify or Deezer.

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