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Is a free open source and chat program and very handy to use. With open source they mean that users can share online stuff with eachother. The files that can be shared are pictures, music, video, software, documents and many more. It is very easy to get your stuff in Ares by uploading it. (Uploading is copy and place your files from your own computer to another computer or server) in the pear-to-pear network. A pear-to-pear network is a computer network where the connected computers are all equivalent. An extra option is dat Ares supports live streaming of free online radio stations.

As member of the community of Ares you have the authority to search for files thar are placed by other Ares users. So you are looking for your favorite music, video or something else? The chance you will find it is very big.
And there are group that you van join and talk to other users with the same interests

But, how fast can you download with Ares?

Suppose that you want to download a music file and put it on as download, then Ares look on the computer of all people dat uses Ares.. Do you now why? Because the file you are downloading from Ares is not only come from 1 computer, but thousands! In that way he pics from every place a bit of the download. And then your downloaden will be amazing fast! So if you want to download something every body haves on his computer, you got it really fast! If now.. its a bit slower ;)

The Ares videplayer

When you aredownloading your favorite music you can still listen to the music / video player of Ares
He also support live readio streaming.

Chat channels

Is it altijd useful if you can not find what you want and ask it to other users of Ares.
And so around, maybe you have something they want. There are many chat channels with different interests so you meet people, can chat with them and downloading in the background. What do you want more?

The Download Files

Are have a big library with different categories. in this way you can find it all very easy. You can filter on type, categories and easy adjustment of your share options. And off course the have a search bar for easy searching.

Legal or not Legal?

Downloading music, movies, games, software and more is 100% illegal! So if you want to download keep in mind that what you are doing is not ok! We at free music download give you only information about how this software works. Free music downloads is not responsible for your own actions.

We like to recommed you to take a subscription fo Spotify or Deezer.

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