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Free Music Downloads Is the download brain of the internet. We strive to put all the software programs online, and give it a good review for you. With that usefull information you can make an easy choice to find the software that best suits you. Try some of the programs and get the feeling to download your favorite music albums. We will also put some links to music streaming website and video clips. On every page of a software program you will find very usefull information. We also have the abbility to download music legally for personal use with the button "Legal music downloads"

Free music downloads is now accessible for 2 languages "English" and "Dutch". In the future we will add the language "Spanish" and "German" to the download website.

Is downloading music difficult?

No it is not! But, what can be difficult is the installation of a program. But one it is installed yout just have to search for an artist or album and the searchs are coming in your screen. Some years ago downloading a mp3 song was very easy, but nowadays you really nee a software program. But we from freem music downloads recommed you to stream your music with "Spotify" or "Deezer". And yes you pay money for this, but the around the price of €5,- for a month. And that is cheap! For that prize you can almost listen to every music you like, and share it with your friends. And the artist can still make some music for us when he receive some money.

Legal or Illegal?

It is also possible to download movies and more with some of these programs but you are solely responsible for the consequences.


Downloading content from the internet like music, movies, software and games is illegal. So Free music Downloads is not responsible for your choice. We are just a website that give information about the software, and it is your choice to use it or not.

So after all this information we hope you like your stay at Free music downloads.